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    Custom designed Blanks

    Our custom blanks are made from blended graphite materials which are selected by assessing the application, action and power requirements for each and every rod.

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    Fuji skeleton seats and minimal handle designs mean it’s almost impossible to hold one of these rods for lure retrieval without your hand contacting the blank – and this helps deliver valuable feed-back that these amazing blanks provide for every inch of the retrieve!

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    Special attention has been paid to the fishing application of each rod, and the balance required during each lure retrieve. This improves sensitivity and makes the rigours of a long day on the water as easy as possible – don’t miss that bite on the last cast through fatigue!

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    Each rod in the range has been fine-tuned to its specific performance criteria. Jocumsen is an expert in Long-Range Presentations, and his criteria demands these rods fire off a cast to a distance that has the fish unaware of your presence and ready to bite!

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    Unique Transitions

    Cast > Retrieve > Fight

    Unique Millerods blank actions deliver the smoothest of transitions between casting, lure retrieve and fish-fighting. This means user-friendly use and extreme sensitivity, as well as imparting control through every phase of rod use without loss of power transmission.

  • The Story of Millerods

    Millerods built on the collaboration between Australia's premier Rod Builder Ian Miller and Bassmaster Elite Pro Angler Carl Jocumsen.

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    Ian Miller

    Australia's Premier Rod Builder

    Ian ‘Barra’ Miller is Australia’s premier rod designer and builder. As a rod designer, Miller has earned more Australian awards than any other, and as a rod builder he is widely acknowledged as an innovator and a craftsman of the highest quality.

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    Carl Jocumsen

    Bassmaster Elite Champion

    Carl Jocumsen is best known in the USA as the first Aussie to qualify for the Bassmaster Elite programme, but Jocumsen’s tournament bass pedigree stretches back many years in his home country, Australia, where he dominated the bass tournament scene.



    Lake Tenkiller, USA

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  • More on the Australian Rod Builder: Ian Miller

    Ian began building rods in his teenage years, has made it his profession for over three decades, and continues to be his passion. In this time he has built an enviable reputation as a rod designer and craftsman of the highest order, and his name is recognised around the world. This has largely been due to his strict philosophy of maintaining the highest qualities of performance and craftsmanship - something that he continues to hold as the main focus of all his rods.


    Ian's customers have included Prime Ministers, Presidents, rock stars, sports stars, celebrities, tournament champions and thousands of everyday anglers! Ian's rods are uncompromising, his designs cutting edge. They have been proven the world over and are the proud possessions of anglers in every corner of the globe.


    Ian's designing talents are also utilised by several tackle companies, most notably Shimano Australia with whom Ian has continued a close professional association since 1995, designing many highly successful Shimano rod ranges on an ongoing basis.

    However, the driving force of the Australian Rod Builder continues to be designing and individually handcrafting fishing rods of the highest order.